About Us

Welcome to Chocomolds.com. We are a medium sized family run business providing personalized service for chocolate making, candy making, and pastry making. At one time we were a much larger company however we have scaled down to provide better, more personal service. One thing that was not scaled down is our inventory which is larger than ever.

Words We Live By
Ralph Waldo Emerson once said "Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing."

We firmly believe in the truth of that statement and it shows.

When we first began planning our business, we looked at everything we disliked about our competition and made sure not to repeat their errors.

Web Site
This Site is owned and operated by Bobby's Craft Boutique Inc.

Pick Ups:
If you live locally or are visiting the New York Metro area, you may wish to pick up your order at our West Hempstead warehouse. The warehouse is not set up for shopping and pickups are by appointment only.

Company Info:

Established: March 1994
President: Jackie Gimbel
Vice President: Bob Sherman

Bob Sherman is the author of several books on candle making, hundreds of articles on candle making, soap making, chocolate making, leather working, and was also The Miningco.com Guide to Candle And Soap Making for seven years. Bob has extensive chocolate making experience and has produced several videos, two online courses, and hundreds of project and instructional articles. Bob is our main tech support person as well.

Other Web Sites
Our company has been a major web presence in the craft industry since 1996 and we have several sister web sites that may be of interest:

Craftcave.com - Our original web site. This site is no longer used for e-commerce and is now just an information portal and time capsule from the early days of e-commerce.

Onestopcandle.com - This site replaced Craftcave.com in 2003 with cutting edge technology and is still an active site with thousands of products, projects, and instructions. Chocomolds was split from onestop in 2010 when we decided that our customers would be better served if the food related products had their own site.

Artisanschool.com - This site is devoted to providing free and low cost online artisan craft instruction of the highest quality. Note: The courses on artisan school have been moved to onestop and chocomolds as of December 2010 and it is now just a holding page.

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